Bibliotheca Cornubiensis Femina

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Welcome to the ‘Bibliotheca Cornubiensis Femina’ (the Library of Cornish Women), an index of notable women in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, past and present.

Here you can browse biographies and bibliographies of notable women connected to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Whether coming from the county, passing through it, or simply writing about it, the website showcases the previously hidden histories of women included in the Elizabeth Treffry Collection of Women in Cornwall. This includes listing their relevant books, papers, and archive material.

The original material on the site has been gathered by the researcher Melissa Hardie-Budden and The Hypatia Trust, a UK educational charity committed to documenting and uplifting women’s achievements, past and present. 

Our inclusions on this website are not and can never be exhaustive. In the hopes of making this site a collaborative endeavour, we welcome submissions of further information about women’s lives and achievements related to Cornwall. 

A Cornish author, geologist, conchologist, and philanthropist.