Judith Anne Cook

Judith Anne Cook ( - )
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Cook was a novelist, critic, investigative journalist, and campaigner for women. She was born in Manchester and lived in London, but worked in Cornwall for more than 40 years.

Full biography

Working first as a journalist for the Guardian newspaper, she founded Voice of Women (VOW), an anti-nuclear organisation in 1962-3, in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis. She later became a freelance writer and campaigner, working in the head office of the Labour Party. She wrote widely, producing academic and non-academic books, plays, and articles.

An early book on Cornwall was Cornish Walks and Legends (1979), which was later extended in When I Set Out for Lyonesse: Cornish Walks and Legends (1984). She is best known for her non-fiction treatment of the death of an anti-nuclear campaigner, Who Killed Hilda Murrell? (1985). More recent works on Cornwall include Daphne: Portrait of Daphne Du Maurier (1992), To Brave Every Danger: The Epic Life of Mary Bryant of Fowey (1994), and Singing from the Walls: The Life and Art of Elizabeth Forbes (co-authored with Melissa Hardie and Christiana Payne). She married Douglas Cook, a musician, and later Martin Green, a poet and author.

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Date of birth
09 July 1933
Date of death
12 May 2004
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