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Naomi Royde-Smith ( - )

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The Lover (1928)
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An author and editor, Royde-Smith wrote nearly 30 novels as well as biographies and plays.

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She was the first female literary editor of the Westminster Gazette, appointed in 1912. In this position she published and championed the works of Graham Greene, Elizabeth Bowen, Rose Macaulay, D. H. Lawrence, and Walter de la Mare. She introduced book reviews to elite magazine The Queen when she became its editor in 1924, and gave space to modernist authors like Dorothy Richardson, which would lead to her being sacked.

After the close of the First World War, until the Westminster Gazette folded in 1928, Royde-Smith ran a literary salon from her apartment. Royde-Smith had intense relationships with women, including Kathleen Hamilton Fellows, and wrote several books detailing lesbian relationships. She married the actor Ernest Milton in 1926. Walter de la Mare had fallen in love with her on their first meeting in 1911. She was ambivalent to this, though he would write her almost 400 love letters in the following years, despite her marriage.

She visited J.D. and Beatrice Beresford and Hugh Walpole in Cornwall frequently between 1914-1918 and authored a book in 1933 on her train travels from Paddington Station. She also had a close friendship with the modernist writer Mary Butts who she met in London and visited at her home in Sennen, Cornwall. Royde-Smith died in 1964 from renal failure.

Date of birth (approx)
c. 1875
Date of death (approx)
c. 1964
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